Pet odor Removal

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Urine and Fecal Odors?

Yes, but it’s important to choose a carpet cleaner who can select the right cleaning method for these odors. Some cleaning methods will only enhance these odors, while others may clean the surface odors but not the deeper odors.

It’s important to remember that urine and feces can soak into your carpets, carpet padding, and even the flooring underneath. Sometimes, a carpet cleaner will need to pull your carpets up to clean the bottom of the carpeting or the carpet pad. Deep cleaning is necessary with set-in urine and fecal stains and odors

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Food Odors?

Yes, this may be one of the easier pet odors to remove from carpets. Generally, pet foods can leave lingering odors, but they will not absorb very deeply into your carpets. Usually, pet food will only leave surface odors that can be extremely easy to clean via almost any carpet cleaning method.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Remove Stinky General Pet Odors?

Yes, but the type of carpet cleaning will be dependent on the cause of the odor itself. Anyone who has ever lived with a dog that has chronic yeast and skin infections knows the unpleasant smell that can be left behind by your pet spending time on your carpets. These odors can settle deeply into your carpets, making them difficult to remove. If your carpet odors are caused by your dog regularly getting wet and then lying on your carpets, then you may also be dealing with mold and mildew. (Pet Odor Removal Santa Clarita, Los Angeles)

On the other hand, if the pet odors in your home are caused by surface odors only, like those left behind simply by your pet spending time in your home, they’ll be much easier to clean. Surface odors are some of the easiest issues to address, but your carpet cleaner will be able to point you in the right direction to select the best cleaning option for the state of your carpets.