Carpet Stretching

Problem and Cause

If your carpet is showing signs of rippling or buckling, the cause is usually due to improper installation. The installer likely did not properly stretch the carpet. Your installer should have used a power stretcher to correctly install a carpet. PURE CARPET CARE ensures that your carpet maintains its shape and doesn’t begin to buckle after time. Other causes that can contribute to ripples in your carpeting include humidity, dragging heavy items across the surface, delamination (the breakdown of the adhesive backing), or an incorrect under the pad.


The first step in repairing a buckled carpet is to determine the cause. If the carpet needs to be stretched, then a power stretcher will be required to complete the repair. Professional carpet stretching companies, like All-Round Cleaning, have the tools to properly stretch your carpet to eliminate buckling and make your carpet smooth and flat, just like it should be.