Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Los Angeles

1. Move furniture away from the area.
2. Vacuum the area thoroughly.
3. For sodas or other liquid stains, spray spot cleaner solution on the stain, leave for 5-10
minutes, agitate with a rag or bone scraper to remove stains.
4. For more difficult stains, repeat the process with a more intense cleaner.
5. For artificial coloring stains, obtain a color stain remover, apply, leave for 7 minutes
and place a wet towel (white) over the stain and apply a steam iron to remove the
6. For grease stains, use “paint, oil & grease” stain remover. Spray, agitate, and wipe up.
7. Flush with water and soak up with rags or a carpet extractor until all chemicals and stains
are lifted.
8. Repeat if necessary.
9. For furniture, clean the entire upholstered surface, otherwise, spots from water and
chemicals remain.